Audrey Hepburn Themed Fashion Shoot.

Back to London. Something different again for me. The Model Maria come up with the theme for the photoshoot and I went along with it. When I got to London that day the weather was ok wasn't too bad. So I went to look around for some good locations in Knightsbridge. After looking around I went to the coffee shop to meet the model. It started to rain by the time she got to me. But we was lucky that the Harrods has shelter round the building.


It wasn't ideal for it to rain for the second time for a shoot in London. But I did manage to get some great shots with the little space we had on a busy street. But my only Issue with the shoot was, the model couldn't understand a word of English. So it was really hard for me to direct her the way I would like to.


Don't get me wrong. You can still manage to get some amazing shots if they can't speak your language or you can't speak their own. Never mind I can't go back to do the shoot again. Overall I made the retouching match the type of theme we was going for. Black & White made it have that old school look to the Images.