Photoshoot with Shannon in Exeter, UK

Second photoshoot I have done with Shannon. It been a long time since I had done a photoshoot with her. I wanted to do another shoot with her for a while. This was the first time in ages I done a shoot on the high street in my home town.


I had sent Shannon a mood board from Pinterest to have a look and see if she got any clothing from the ideas that I had.  On the shoot I had my friend James come along and assist me. I wasn't too sure on the locations round my home town as I pretty much getting the same backgrounds. So I done a few things differently. We done the shoot when it was close at the end of the day. So there wasn't too many people walking round.


I know that Shannon will do a very good job. But she did feel a bit uncomfortable and something been troubling her. But she managed to be professional and got through with the photoshoot. Shannon has changed a lot since I last done a shoot with her. I think the second shoot was the best we had done together. I didn't do a Vlog for this shoot I was just focusing on the task in mind.


Even though Shannon is not a model technically. She did a fantastic job and got some amazing images from her. I think she just need to believe in herself a bit more because I think she have a good career in what she does. Hopefully this won't be the last photoshoot Shannon will do.

This was my last photoshoot for awhile. I ended up falling sick and haven't had my car working. It wasn't the best times for me. During that time I began in researching and seeing new direction where I want to be with my fashion work. I ended up buying women's fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle etc. Just having a look on the type of images they are putting in there magazines. I had to change my style if I want my work to be in these magazines. So I created a Inspiration Wall in my office. 


Each season I will take these down and add new ones. If I want too make it I have to really be on the ball. I do feel one that my work will be in these magazine. I never want to stop my passion for this. I am willing to give it 110% and take risks. Sacrifice myself by going to places like London often by a 5 hours coach ride and back. I know that it will all be worth it in the end.