Flying The DJI Mavic Pro

Here are two videos showing off what the DJI Mavic Pro can do. But I have to admit. I have had the drone for a few months now. It had not been to long ago when I did the videos. That I had actually felt comfortable flying it. It had taking me may attempts to get some good footage out of it. But I had ever flew a drone before so it was all new to me.

If you want to know where are the locations that are in the videos. Head over to my YouTube channel where it is listed in the description. On the Exeter & Dartmoor Video I was with my friend James who had previously been in a few Vlogs of mine. Who was helpful in find these amazing locations. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have found great locations like he did.

Here are some pictures taken from the DJI Mavic Pro. I will do a full review of The DJI Mavic Pro really soon.


It is very rare I get someone to actually take pictures of me. I should do it more often. It would be great to show behind the scenes of what been going on. I give credit to my friend James who had taken these portraits of me. The only camera he had was his phone. So no excuses to take some great pictures.

Photo 09-07-2017, 17 47 28.jpg
Photo 09-07-2017, 16 26 08 (1).jpg
Photo 09-07-2017, 16 26 09.jpg
Photo 09-07-2017, 16 26 09 (1).jpg
Photo 09-07-2017, 16 26 08.jpg