My First Ever Studio Photoshoot

First time ever doing a full studio photoshoot. It was about time I did one. The photoshoot with Sophie Storm was bit of a short notice to shoot in the Studio. The original plan was to do a outdoor fashion shoot. But we ended up changing the shoot to the studio because the weather. We didn't want to postpone the shoot. I called up one of my photography friends who has his own studio. He said it was fine for me and Sophie to do a shoot there.


I used a custom backdrop and a white backdrop for the photoshoot. I had created the custom backdrop a few months ago prior to the photoshoot. So I thought I might as well use it on this shoot. When I got to the studio I knew where I wanted the studio lights to go and what modifiers to use. I had to work with what I got if he didn't any the modifiers I wanted.

It was nice being able to be creative and try something different. Plus adding something different for the model portfolio as well as mine. I am hoping very soon that I will do a lot more studio work in the next couple of months. I 100% need to do some more. I have been looking into getting some equipment of my own. But I do have studio lights and DIY backgrounds and lights also. The only problem is the small space I have at my own place. But I am coming up with ideas where I can do a shoot.


I had fun doing this shoot. I can't wait to produce some more studio work within the next couple of months. Sometimes the weather outside can't always be on your side. So it would be ideal for me to be super creative and get some amazing shots. What I like about this shoot is, how Sophie went out of her confirm zone and trying something different went it comes to poses and expressions.

Sophie has a bright future ahead of her if she keeps doing what she is doing. I believe she can go along way with the hard work she has put into herself. I hope to work with her more in future projects.