Street Fashion with Julia

The one thing I like about social media is that you can find models from anywhere. I found Julia through Instagram. All I did was search the hashtag of my home town. I was scrolling through and I found Julia. I had a look through her feed and find out the what she been posting and what her outfit styles are. Her style suited my style of portrait/fashion photography. So I dropped her a Direct Message on Instagram asking if she would like a to do a photo shoot. Few hours later she messages me back saying that she would love to do a photo shoot. So we set up a day, time and location to meet.

I always like to have a chat with the model in a coffee shop before shooting, so I know what I am working with, plus it makes the photo shoot a lot easier. It’s great to chat for a few mins getting to know more about her as a person and give information about you. The shoot went really well better than I have originally planned. We went with the flow and tried out some different locations round the city centre. Some locations didn’t work and some did. But over all she is a good model to work with. I love the images we produced in which you can see below. Here is Julia Instagram account -